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Border Crossing Fees
*subject to change without notice

When crossing the International Border at International Falls, MN, USA / Fort Frances, ON, Canada, there is a toll booth as you come into Canada.

The toll fees are as follows: $6.00 US or around $9.00 Canadian to cross.

You may chose to purchase a swipe card which is good for 12 round trips, although they do have an expiry date. Swipe cards can be purchased at Canada Safeway (417 Scott Street) in Fort Frances at a cost of $16.50 Canadian. Cards can also be purchased in International Falls at Stop & Shop, Super One, and Super Value for $15.00 US

Past Criminal Offence Committed in a Foreign Country

Before approaching the Canadian border, you should double check that you are not criminally inadmissible. You may be considered criminally inadmissible by the Canadian federal government if your record shows a past criminal offence committed in a foreign country. If you are criminally inadmissible, don’t worry! You can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), which is a service provided by the Canadian government that will allow you to enter Canada for a specific reason and for a specified amount of time. To be eligible for a TRP, your sentence must have been completed less than 5 years prior, or more than 5 years prior with no application or approval of criminal rehabilitation. There is a $200.00 processing fee for this government service, and you must demonstrate a significant reason for entering Canada in your application. You can apply for a TRP at Canadian visa office or a port of entry.

To learn more about criminal inadmissibility or obtaining a TRP, visit:

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