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Fort Frances, Ontario

The waterways surrounding Fort Frances offer some of the best scenery in the North. The Historic Boundary Waterway being one of the waterways surrounding Fort Frances, was first used as a transportation route more than 2,500 years ago. This stretch of water from Atikokan to Minaki was of infinite importance during the fur trade, the settlement of the area, the mining boom, the logging industry, and during the construction of the railroad.

Sailors enjoy a variety of lake conditions to test their skills while families can picnic, sun, swim, and boat at one of the many secluded beaches. Fishing, often one of the biggest attractions of a vacation in the Fort Frances area is excellent. Our new waterfront development, including the Sorting Gap Marina, provides an excellent place to dock and then tour the many historical attractions and sites of the town.

Winter months in the Fort Frances area bring a different twist from Mother Nature. If you dress properly for it, the five feet of snow which falls in an average winter can be enjoyable in many activities. Snowmobiling through bush trails and over lakes, ice fishing, curling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hockey are just a few of the activities enjoyed by residents and visitors in the area.

Fort Frances, or the “Fort” as it is commonly known, is the largest town in the Rainy River District and one of Canada’s major tourist entry points. Situated on the shores of Rainy Lake and the Rainy River, the “Fort” is a prosperous, full-service community of approximately 8,000. Fort Frances is located across the international bridge from its sister city, International Falls, Minnesota making it the first point of entry into Northwestern Ontario. Fort Frances is only hours away from some of the largest markets in Canada and the United States.

Fort Frances bears the distinction of being the oldest settled community west of Lake Superior. It was first established in 1688 by Jacques de Noyen and has been settled continuously since 1731. Furs, logging, mining, and farming have been the major components of the economic base but today the pulp and paper industry is the chief employer.

Fort Frances has the advantages of a large city, with the convenience of a small town. A world traveler and worker has summed up the benefits of life in the community of Fort Frances – the town offers every amenity desired for comfortable living.